Welcome to the Playwrights' Center of San Francisco submissions site.  We use this site for both PLAY submissions and general AUDITION management.  

We generally make the submission periods open to submitters:

  • Plays - 15-21 days before the deadline
  • Auditions - as soon as we announce the auditions.

To see the full guidelines and deadlines and to submit, see specific submission forms below.  

For password and technical issues, please contact Submittable technical support.

For other issues or questions, please contact submissions@playwrightscentersf.org [do not send submissions to this email address!]


Last updated 03/19/2020

 General Guidelines

  • Only PCSF members are eligible for a slot in our reading series. Plays will not be read if membership is not current at the time of submission and the time of the reading. Join PCSF here! Or contact membership@playwrightscentersf.org to confirm your membership status.
  • Please understand that if accepted for a reading of their play, one of the playwright's main responsibilities is to market the presentation of the play on Zoom with feedback session to potential audience members.
  • No musicals, operas, etc. If the play contains incidental song(s) or music, the playwright must own the rights. have express written permission to the rights, or the song(s) must be in the public domain. This policy does not allow for "fair use."
  • Plays that were previously not accepted for a PCSF developmental reading, or that had a previous developmental reading with PCSF, can be submitted again, as long as they have been substantially changed. If so, be sure to fill out the question about what you've changed.  If your play has received a staged reading with PCSF, it is no longer eligible for our Reading Series Program.

Reading Series Guidelines

  • Plays must be at least 35 pages in length, and no more than 130 pages in length, properly formatted, with a maximum run time of 2.5 hours. Submissions over 130 pages will not be considered.   
  • We reserve the right to stop reading plays that are obviously longer than 2.5 hours. Plays of 130 pages in length that are monologue-heavy would easily run over 2.5 hours.
  • Plays must have a minimum of 35 pages with a minimum run time of 30 minutes. 
  • Plays must be either a one-act, or a full-length.  A collection of short plays that are clearly and obviously inter-related recurring themes or recurring characters will be considered.  However, the Reading Series producer reserves the right to reject any collection of plays that is judged to lack sufficient thematic connection.
  • Plays must be in PCSF standard script format (Word template) (PD). Plays with improper margins or formatting may be disqualified. The script format is provided as a Word template; you can do a Save As to get a fresh script in PCSF format.
  • Use Courier or Courier New font, 12 point. To accomplish this, select all (Ctrl-A on PC, Cmd-A on Mac) then choose Courier and 12 point from the font menu.   PLEASE DO NOT USE TIMES NEW ROMAN
  • General margins: top margin between 0.75" and 1.0" and bottom margin: between 1.0" and 1.5"
  • Dialogue Margins: left margin 1.5" - 2.0" and right margin: 1.0". Each character's dialogue should be followed by one blank line (12 point).
  • Character names (tags) should be on a unique line. Also, character names should be in ALL CAPS.
  • All submissions must be electronic in MS Word (.doc/.docx), or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format only. PDF format is preferred.
  • Plays must include a character list, tag line, and short summary at the beginning of the document.   IF YOUR PLAY HAS MORE THAN 8 CHARACTERS, you must also provide a doubling casting plan that allows your play to be read by 8 actors or less.
  • Make sure to name the file as follows:  {play title}_blind.doc (or) .docx (or) .pdf.
  • Attach One (1) blind copy of the play with no playwright identifying information
  • Four or five plays will be chosen from all plays submitted,   These chosen plays will have an online "Zoom" reading in April/May/June timeframe.   The selected plays will have one online rehearsal and one online performance/talk back session.   The playwright must attend both online sessions.

 Tip: To ensure your file really is blind, in the File menu, choose Properties, then delete your name that Word automatically puts in there. Save the file, open it and check again that it's blank.Note: You will receive an automated acknowledgement of the submission. If there are any problems with the submission you will be contacted. 

Fine Print

  • If your play is selected for a reading, your membership must be in good standing at the time of the reading. (This may require renewal between the time of submission and the reading.)   
  • All readings in 2024 will be developmental readings and will take place on Zoom. 
  • If more than 6 actors are needed for a play (including stage direction reader), the playwright will donate $25 per additional actor to PCSF.
  • Plays selected for readings will have an assigned producer but no director.
  • Developmental readings will have no or minimal "costumes" and plain backgrounds.

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