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We make the submission periods open to submitters:

  • Plays - 15 days before the deadline
  • Auditions - as soon as we announce the auditions.

There are at least two play submission opportunities each year in the Spring and Fall for our reading series of Developmental and Staged Readings.   The standard deadlines are as follows*:

  • Spring Season: 11:59 p.m. Nov. 30 - Submissions open 11/15
  • Fall Season: 11:59 p.m. April 30 - Submissions open 4/15

*We reserve the right to extend or change the deadlines as deemed necessary and at any time.

General Play Guidelines

  • Only PCSF members are eligible for a slot in our reading series.  Plays will not be read if membership is not current at the time of submission. Join PCSF here! Or contact membership@playwrightscentersf.org to confirm your membership status.
  • Please read our Writers’ Guide to Staged Readings and Writers’ Guide to Developmental Readings to review playwright responsibilities.  Make sure you understand the playwright responsibilities before submitting.
  • No musicals. If the play contains incidental song(s) or music, the playwright must own the rights or have express written permission to the rights or the song(s) must be in the public domain. This policy does not allow for "fair use."
  • You may resubmit a play that was previously not accepted or which has had a read-through, developmental reading or staged rehearsal. If you do, be sure to fill out the question about what you've changed. [See Sheherezade Guidelines for those resubmission rules.]

To see the full guidelines and to submit, see specific submission forms below.  

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Last updated 07/12/2015

Ends on October 10, 2016

The Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco is excited to present the first PCSF PlayOffs and we'd love to have you be part of this fun, innovative production!   PlayOffs is 8 new plays, an ensemble cast of 6 actors, 2 directors and some very talented designers who come together and create a fully produced short play festival by local playwrights.  Over the last year playwrights participated in three staged reading events, wherein audience members voted on the plays, the top two for each were selected for the PlayOffs production in December.  The producers and directors also picked two plays from the 21 participants.

Directors this year are Carol Eggers and Laylah Muran de Assereto.

We are looking for a diverse set of 6 actors to cast this great line-up of short comedies and dramas.  All ethnicities and body types encouraged!  Each actor will perform in at least two plays.

There is.

    1 M (40s) & 1 F (40s)
    A Jewish man and a German woman meet on a blind date and find a shared connection.
  • ASSOCIATION, by Carol Lashof
    1 F (mid20s-mid50s) / 1 M (can play teens)
    A teacher questions the legitimacy of a student's work.
  • BENCHED, by Lorraine Midanik
    2 F (60s)
    Two women discover their boyfriends aren't who they thought.
  • FATHER'S DAY, by Rod McFadden
    2 F (20s/30s) 1 M (30s)
    On the day a couple throws a little party to introduce their newborn Jim finds out the child might not be his.
  • MURDER, by Brigette Dutta Portman
    1 F (late20s-early30s) 1 M (late20s-early30s)
    Vince's fear of birds is really rooted in the loss of their child, but can Lynette help him see that?
  • THE SOUND OF MOONLIGHT, by Diane Sampson
    1 F (30s) 3 M (30s/any)
    How's a cricket supposed to go courting when it's chirping is drowned out by humans arguing over the relative merits of Julie Andrews and Bette Midler voices?
  • KEEP MOVING, NOTHING TO SEE, by Vonn Scott Bair
    3 Any (30s-40s/elderly)
    Two normal decent people save a dying homeless individual but realize it isn't enough. To cover up the discomfort of this realization, they discuss anything else. In this case, "anything else" is the Super Bowl.
  • CONUNDRUM, by Kristen Anundsen 
    1 F (30-45) 2 M (25-40s)
    Just before the opening of a show at Art's Gallery, the owner makes an upsetting discovery: a painting by Art has not only disappeared, but has been replaced by an impostor's. Her impulse is to hide the fact from Art, but her assistant has other ideas.


§ All ages 18+, ethnicities, body types encouraged!!!
§ Non-AEA only
§ Prepare (2) contrasting 1 min contemporary monologues


§ Saturday September 10, 10:15-1:00
§ Details for the Call-backs, if needed, will be given after the auditions to individuals called back, but will be Sunday the 11th 3:00-5:00.  We will notify actors who are called back the evening of September 10th.  
§ Plays will be sent to actors when appointments are scheduled. Once they have been announced.


§ Shelton Studios @ 533 Sutter Street - Downstairs


We cast the ensemble before casting the individual roles in the selected plays.  Each actor appears in a minimum of two plays (usually more) and will generally work with more than one director. We have a developmental table reading on September 17th and finalize individual roles after that reading.

Rehearsals are workday evenings and weekend days starting with a table reading rehearsal in October.   The specific rehearsal schedule is nailed down after casting has been completed and will be finalized by September 24th.

We provide an actors agreement and pay a small stipend to actors, directors, and playwrights.

§ 8 Performances in December (1, 2, 3 and 8, 9, 10), Tech week 11/26
§ Venue is Exit Stage Left
§ Rehearsal weekday evenings/weekend days October/November


Submit your preferred appointment timesrehearsal and reading availability, and headshot via the PCSF Submittable site.  (you may be required to create a Submittable account, which is free).  

If you run into problems you can email us at submissions@playwrightscentersf.org  


Explore PCSF at www.playwrightscentersf.org and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Playwrights-Center-of-San-Francisco/15507604463 follow on Twitter @PlaywrightsSF