Welcome to the Playwrights' Center of San Francisco submissions site.  We use this site for both PLAY submissions and general AUDITION management.  

We generally make the submission periods open to submitters:

  • Plays - 15-21 days before the deadline
  • Auditions - as soon as we announce the auditions.

To see the full guidelines and deadlines and to submit, see specific submission forms below.  

For password and technical issues, please contact Submittable technical support.

For other issues or questions, please contact submissions@playwrightscentersf.org [do not send submissions to this email address!]


Last updated 03/19/2020

Scene Swaps take place on the week PRIOR to our Scene Night weeks. Submission deadline is 11:59pm on the Wednesday of that week. If your submission has been received after the Wednesday deadline for a weekly Scene Swap, your scene script will be held and included in the next Scene Swap.

Any PCSF member can participate in exchanging/critiquing 10 minute scenes with other PCSF playwrights (8-10 pages of standard format script—obviously page counts will be shorter for scenes with longer speeches or monologues,  Please be respectful of the 10 minute limit. Your scene can be a free-standing 10-minute play, or it can be a section from a longer play).

If your script is part of a longer piece, include a short (up to 3 sentence) explanation of the characters/situation & what you’re trying to achieve as the first page of the attachment. If it’s a 10-minute play, no explanation is needed. If there are one or two specific questions you’d like your reviewers to answer, you may include them. However, reviewers will be free to comment on any aspect of your scene.     The reviewers will indicate (1) what they liked about the piece and (2) what they think could be improved.

By submitting your script, you commit to reading and reviewing TWO other scenes by PCSF playwrights.   In exchange, you will will receive two independent reviews of your work.

All scripts and reviews and BLIND.  

The Playwrights Center of San Francisco